FAQs - ONLY Healthy Source™

Frequently Asked Questions – ONLY Healthy Source

Q1: What does ONLY Healthy Source™ mean?

A: ONLY top-quality for a healthy source of nutrition. Our recipes are natural with added vitamins and minerals. The wholesome ingredients are listed on this website with more than 20 healthy benefits across the various products.

Q2: Does the company have training expertise given that the brand is new?

A: Our training treat recipes have been developed with more than 15 years of professional formulator experience. The base recipes have been used by thousands of professional dog trainers. Our commitment includes being a proud sponsor of the Professional Dog Trainers Association.

Q3: Do you have different size treat nibs for different size dogs?

A: Many of our products are offered with a mini-size nib which is ideal for small dogs. Our larger size nib is great for larger dogs.

Q4: Do your treats have a lot of calories?

A: Our Organic products, and 2-in-1 training treat + meal mixer products have 1.7 calories per treat. Our roasted tenderloin bites have 4 calories per treat.